Get to know E-Web Marketing – A Great Place to Work!

E-Web Team at Lunch

We exist to bring Happiness, Success and Fun to everyone we encounter.
We are E-Web Marketing.

E-Web Marketing is an online marketing company. We focus on helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow online, and are driven by our company vision shown above and guided by our core values. We work across all facets of online marketing to help reach and exceed our client’s objectives. At the moment, our team is made up of SEO Programmers, PPC Managers, Campaign Managers, Online Business Strategists, Web Designers, Copywriters, Social Media Marketing gurus, one happy little dog called Woofie and a few funny-looking fish in an otherwise pretty tank. We also have a few other randoms throughout the office as we are always looking for talent to come on board to help us jump on the enticing opportunities that pop up frequently in this industry. What we all have in common is we all Love Online and we all Love Business.

E-Web Marketing has been voted amongst the top 10 places to work in Australia for 3 years
running and we’re rightly proud of it!


Take a 60 second glimpse at our offices;

The roles and opportunities within our company are constantly changing because so too is our industry. We’re always at the ready to expand our happy family – unless you’re like Mikki, Wendy’s 8 week old kitten that almost got gobbled by Woofie on his first day. Mikki, for his own safety, wasn’t so readily welcomed back after that encounter but he was cute while it lasted. Whether it’s pets or people, there’s always room here and frankly we love to hoard talent.

E-Web Marketing is not just another corporate workplace. We’re young in spirit, we’re vibrant, we’re energetic, and we’re certainly a world apart from those half-asleep faces that scream “on my way to a monotonous day job” you might see on the train at 7am of a Monday morning. We’ve managed to escape the corporate grind in our funky offices in St Leonards, and with a giant recreation room, nap room, Awesome Avenue and themed rooms and areas throughout the office, our time at the office energises us rather than draining us.

Are you creative, energetic, switched-on and driven? If yes then do it. Get a job with a difference. Leave work at the end of the day feeling motivated, energised, inspired and fulfilled – and look forward to coming back the following morning. We dare you to be different to your friends. Work can be – and is at E-Web – about more than a 9-5 slog for cash.

Check out some of the fun E-Webbers had in 2011;